Freedom Teams & Systems: The Ultimate Guide to Growing your Business and Breaking Its Dependence on You

Are you?
  • Stuck spending most of your time working in your business instead of on it?
  • Frustrated by a team that can't manage without you?
  • Burnt out from countless hours of putting out fires?
  • Wondering if there's a real way to get your business and life back on track?

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Matt Jenkins, President, Benchmark Trophy Center

Our sales were stagnate, I hardly spent time with my family, and the business was totally dependent on me. Freedom was not in the picture. After going through Freedom Teams and Systems our sales grew by almost 20% and profits were up for the subsequent two years. I am now present when I'm home with my wife, Diana, and son, Houston. My employees are engaged and motivated.

In the ebook, you will discover:

12 Counter- intuitive solutions to getting more freedom

How to focus on your HABUT (Highest and Best Use of Time)

  The secrets to building a Team on Fire

Tested and proven methods for building your business into a sellable asset

About the Author: Jon Goldman

As the CEO of Brand Launcher, Jon Goldman is a marketing pioneer, a master facilitator, and the business guru’s guru. He was co-owner of a promotional company that ranked #26 out of 24,000 nationally. Since he sold out, he has devoted his time to creating a company focused on supporting entrepreneurs in their businesses and their lives. This vision for Brand Launcher comes to fruition in business and marketing coaching, intense on-site Launches, and creative marketing campaigns.

Raised in the advertising business, Jon is the creator of Lumpy Mail ® and is personally responsible for millions of pieces of mail with successes for clients large and small. His strategies and tactics have generated dramatic results -- such as a 27% response rate for Häagen-Dazs, nearly 50% for the Atlanta Hawks, and the biggest recruitment response in their history for the Direct Marketing Association in Washington (DMAW). He has done work for IBM, Purina, and Nickelodeon, as well as countless small- and mid-size businesses, and his work has been featured on NBC and CBS and in The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

What People Are Saying about Brand Launcher

Dawn Lockett Hobsen, National Products Strategist, IBM

“We wanted ideas that worked and we got them! As strategists, we needed to learn principles that would help us succeed the first time. ”

Robin Forte, CEO, Forte Productions

“They turned a 3 year decline of about 20% to (growing) our profits by 20% to $4 million.

Matt Karlin, VP, Harbor Enterprises

“We saw the light at the end of the tunnel but we didn't know how to get there. ”

Tom Canete, Owner, Canete Landscaping

“As a result of Brand Launcher I am able to spend more time with my wife and son... I never thought I would have this much freedom, to be away from the company and for it to continue running... I can actually enjoy life.

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